Sunday, June 14, 2009

Boiling a kettle at 100mph

Is there anything more beautiful than a restored steam train going hell for leather? It's a boiling kettle on wheels but somehow it stirs the soul. Fortunately for couch travellers, there are photographers who spend a lifetime seeking out these steam-snorting behemoths.

One of them is David Hill. You will have seen many of his photographs at your breakfast table. Dave works for the UK National newspapers. A superb cameraman in his own right, he could have taken a lucrative staff job with them any time, but Dave is driven. He has the travel bug and uses his freelance money to take his camera around the world, picturing people and places you and I would never experience without him. I once commissioned him to climb Mount Everest for me with his camera. He did it superbly. He has an exhibition called 'Travels & Trains' at the Oxmarket Centre of Arts in Chichester. 20th July to 1st August.

If you're in the area, don't miss it!

Here he pictures a steam train in Baotou, China pouring molten slag from a steelworks down a mountainside. Look at his work here and be entranced. Here he's on Flickr.

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