Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is that really you, Twiggy?

Not many women can, or even want to be photographed for a national ad campaign four decades on from the full flower of their youth. Some get away with it, some don't. All are as brave as a lioness to attempt it in the first place. The camera is an unrelenting eye. They have my full admiration.

Jane Fonda did it in her seventies. Ex-cabinet Minister Michael Howard's wife, Sandra Paul did it. One of the biggest fashion models in the sixties and seventies, Sandra came back successfully in an M & S commercial in her 50's. Andie MacDowell is still getting close-ups in her 50's in the L'Oreal cosmetic ads. Good on them. Troupers, all.

Has anybody done it as well as Twiggy? I photographed her in Carnaby Street when she first struggled for recognition (not for long. She was a natural.) Now she's back in the latest M & S ad campaign. Still as beautiful as ever. Here's what I have left from my shoot.

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