Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dodgy MP's expenses? Call the Cops!

Not another scandal at the House? Did somebody call for the cops?

This wonderful picture is, in fact, taken by Nils Jorgensen. Nils is a street photographer but don’t be fooled by the name. He is a brilliant master of his trade. He sees the human face of our hectic world, capturing on film the zany, the love struck, the implausible and the many inter-relationships we miss in the maelstrom of the urban streets.

Nils knew at 14 years old what he wanted to do. Not a surprise as his mother was an artist and he grew up in a creative homelife. Dad was a doctor who loved to take pictures. Young Nils path was set. He would be a street photographer. Now he is one of the best. The elite.

You can see his work here. He’s on flickr here. And here is a site called In-Public for street photographers that's well worth a visit.

Nils pictures are handled by Rex Features worldwide. Please don’t lift them. Go to Rex.

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