Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is the globe warming up my gin and tonic?

I want to be planet friendly. I really do.

My problem is I don't believe politicians. If they tell me to turn off a light bulb I assume there is something in it for them. I guess I was a journalist for too long.

Now Greenpeace have come up with a new report. I'm not sure about them, either. The one statistic in it that sticks in my craw is this one:

'China's three biggest power companies produced more greenhouse gas emissions last year than the whole of Britain.'

The Greenpeace report says that in 2008, Huaneng, Datang and Guodian — the top three firms — emitted more greenhouse gases than the whole of the UK.

So it's vital that I don't put my telly on stand-by? The words politics and band wagon spring to mind.

And another thing. Global warming melting the arctic and the sea rising to engulf us all. When I put ice in my gin and tonic it fills the glass to the top. As that ice melts, why doesn't it overflow, eh?

These, and other weighty thoughts fill my mind tonight. I'm feeling flippant. I blame the double measure of 16 year old Lagavulin.

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