Sunday, July 19, 2009

Want to be an outcast? Buy a Sony Reader.

I bought a Sony PRS 700 ebook Reader. I believe in the future of downloaded books. Always have since the first digitalization's of the 80's. That's why I offer my readers a choice of my thriller novels in paperback or download.

But don't publishers and manufacturers make it difficult for us to join the digi revolution? You'd think I was a train robber. I feel criminalized.

I am in Spain now. Can I buy downloads of popular titles for my new pride and joy over the internet for money? Not on your life. It comes with a Sony eLibrary CD with a nice link to the Library service. There I find all the shiny bestsellers just waiting for me.

Excuse me, sir. You must register. Do you live in the USA or Canada? No? Sorry no downloads.

I cyber move to the Sony UK site at Waterstones. You want to download across the channel to Spain? Don't you know anybody in England you can download to? And what do I do then?Burn it to CD in a mate's garden shed in Croydon or somewhere and smuggle it across two borders like diamonds or drugs?

It's a book for God's sake and not even a real one. Just a series of 0's and 1's in an invisible programme.

But surely nobody over there in Spain speaks English?

Only one million expat Brits desperate for entertainment in their own language - with money to pay for it.

Sorry, Sir it's the rules. UK only.

So I have now joined the band of dark forces who live in the sewers and tunnels of the internet who can get anything for you. Like the French Resistance we exist in the cyber shadows. A search here, a patch there and suddenly Tom Clancy's latest appears on my Reader screen. Oh joy!

We readerholics will get our fix of words despite the publishers and makers working so hard against us. Vive la resistance!

note: It's 11.00am Monday. Waterstone's site reply. 'Unable to contact e-book fulfillment. Please try again later.'

1.00pm Hooray! 12 hours later Waterstones appear and download Vince Flynn's Extreme Measures. Very appropriate!

What can one say?

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