Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh! The frugal joys of eReading

I told you about my purchase of a Sony PRS700 reader. It wasn't cheap and my wife thought I was mad. I also showed you how it pays for itself if you are a daily paper buyer.

After that my quest was to download 112 books into it for a fiver and have change for a pint. Which I achieved.

But, I hear you cry, what about new, up-to-date releases from famous authors? Well, I decided to buy Philippa Gregory's hot, new book, The White Queen. My wife loves her and Ms Gregory is first rate at what she does best. Historically based fiction. This was random. It could be any new release.

But I wouldn't pay more than 6 quid.

The List Price set by Simon & Schuster in America is $25.99. No way would I pay that! In the UK it is £18.99. A quick currency conversion tells you it should be £15.79 but that's good old, rip-off Britain for you. Why is it never less? However, I digress.

Waterstones sells The White Queen at 20% off for £15.19 although, if you bought it at full American price, that's only .60p off.

WH Smith do a little better at £14.24 suggesting it's 25% off.

The Sony eBook Store offers The White Queen for $14.29 - that's £8.68 converted! Have you noticed something fishy here? Sony is the partner of Waterstones (£15.19) for book downloads.

Now, you can wait. Older titles by the good Philippa go for £5 to £10. No doubt The White Queen will tumble down the price lists in future. But I didn't want to wait.

So I turned to good old

The White Queen? No problem. That's $9.95 to you, squire - or £6.04 converted! Full epub format. They also have a rewards scheme for past purchases. So what did I pay?

£5.39 ($8.87) What should I do with the .61p change?

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