Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spooky - they know where you are

In an earlier post I asked 'Do we own what we buy or are we just subscribers and renters.' (Thurs July 23rd)

My point being that the nice, new, shiny iphone or kindle you bought with your money is just a plastic shell. The real owners are still the manufacturers, unlike home appliances, because, in their etherial 'cloud' they control what's in it and what it does. And what to snatch back, as in the case of George Orwell's 1984 in Kindlegate. (Tues Aug 4th)

Now new evidence (paranoia?) comes to light. This time concerning the Palm Pre. This smart phone (pictured above) is a rival to the iphone. Apparently, IT developer and Pre owner, Joey Hess discovered that his beloved smart phone was secretly being unfaithful to him with its creator. It was phoning home not only his precise location at any given time (it has GPS) but all his personal data like what apps he was using and for how long, etc.

Joey explains he understands the sending of crash data but what about the rest? As ever the 'explanation' by the manufacturer is a convoluted, double speak statement that is so boring you'll have to read it on this site: HERE

Joey's argument, and I believe it's a good one, is that most appliances ASK before sending personal data, as is only polite. Certainly my Apple gear does and, I believe Microsoft stuff, too.

The thought of your appliances betraying you behind your back is a worrying one. Grounds for cyber divorce.

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