Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Birte Person - wildlife photographer extraordinary


Birte Person is a Danish wildlife photographer who lives in Australia. Passionate about the plight of our planet's endangered species Birte travels the world with her cameras, recording them to make us all aware of what we have to lose. She is a brilliant photographer whose pictures are a joy to see. She will tell you that the world would be a better place if it was ruled by animals and not us.

 "You have never seen a monkey put a fence round a coconut tree and proclaim it his. No, he calls the rest of the tribe to share it instead. Isn't it strange that a man who likes to wander in these places (rain forests) is called crazy and a vagrant but the man who cuts down all the trees in these places is called an entrepreneur."

Her home in Australia is in a rain forest setting. She breeds endangered frogs there to release them into their natural habitat wherever they are low in numbers.

You may have seen these great shots above of a rare white Bengal tiger at feeding time in the Singapore Zoo. Nearly extinct, there have been only 12 sightings of one in the wild. They occur naturally in one in 10,000 births. The result is a tiger with white fur, black stripes, blue eyes and a pink nose.

Birte explains, "I was on my way to another conservation shoot in Asia but decided I had to stop and look at these magnificent creatures. They sit in anticipation on the rocks, waiting for the first morsel to be thrown, then it is a huge lunge into the water by all of them (five). It carries on until they all get some food."

Bengal tigers are fully grown at two to three years of age. Males weigh in at 200 kilos and three metres in length. They live up to fifteen years in the wild.

You can visit Birte's brilliant gallery of wildlife pictures here. The pictures are her copyright.


  1. I owe you my career after I left the Today newspaper in 1991 I went on to work with some of the top photographers in advertising photography one of them being the legendary Barry Lategan who took me under his wing. From there I went on to assist his friend and top advertising photographer John Claridge. I spent about fives year assisting on and off learning my craft of lighting, shooting and working with Art Directors at advertising agencies.
    Now I am an advertising photographer working in the Advertising industry seeing top Art Directors at some of London top flight agencies.

    I often wonder what would have happen if I had stayed in Fleet Street. But I am a better photographer for leaving. One of my Art Director friends Walter Campbell who wrote the famous Guinness horse surfer ad said I have the eye to start directing commercials now which I will start putting a reel together in the New Year.

    So as I said I owe my career to you Ron Thank you for giving me a chance on the Today way back in 1990.

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    I was reading on your blog of the changing times of being a Fleet Street photographer a especially on the Daily Express having only one staff photographer now, I wonder how that works? The piece you wrote on The rise of the citizen-cameraman brought back so many memories of Fleet Street. I enjoy reading your blog which I funnily came across it by accident when I was surfing the web.
    Now that I have found your blog I will look in from time to time to as it makes interesting reading.

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