Thursday, October 22, 2009

Brilliant photography from the Wildlife Photographer Awards

UK Photographer Danny Green took this stunning picture entitled 'Starling Wave'. It won him the Nature Black & White Award in the Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest. He patiently stalked the birds to this huge roost at Gretna Green, using a slow shutter-speed to capture the swooping movement of the birds' flight. He says, "at its peak there were 1.5 million starlings in the sky."

Spanish photographer Jose Luis Rodriguez was the overall winner with this incredible shot of an Iberian Wolf jumping a gate in search of lunch. He explained, "this picture defines my career. I had dreamt of taking one like this for years but could only realise my vision now with electronic and infrared photography."

One of the great pleasures of picture editing has always been publishing the winners from these annual awards for great environmental photography. News event award pictures are an immediate fix as they document the ticking of life's clock and I have enjoyed judging many of them over the years - but these brilliant wildlife cameramen work to a different beat. I think their pastoral pictures touch the very soul.

The Natural History Museum in London co-sponsor these great awards with the BBC's Wildlife magazine and produce a superb exhibition of 100 of them from the 43,135 entries. You can see it there from October 23rd until April 11th 2010.

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