Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Multi-Talented Mr Wolf

I spend numbing hours searching out sexy names for characters in my novels. However, Jamieson Wolf was lucky enough to be born with his ready-made. A moniker fit for a bond-like hero or as an alternative to Heathcliff.

That's where the luck bit stops. Jamieson, from Ottawa, Ontario, is a prolific creator. A super hard working, imaginative writer who's creative output is not only endless but multi-faceted. He lets his mind roam, meandering his right-brain corridors, then writes romance fiction, fantasy fiction, short stories, non-fiction, anthology and reviews, pouring it out unfettered by genre 'labels.'

Isn't that how writing should be? He's only 31. The older one gets the easier it is to be set in the mind about what you write. Does it really matter? If you can write, do it. The joy of childhood is that nobody labels our output. We don't know, or care about genre. Cinderella doesn't tote a piece. Paddington Bear might be lost, but he's not whining to social services about it. Only writing about what we're 'good at' surely diminishes our creative wellspring?

So, if you want to write about a cat on a mat or Obama's philosophy on Muslim fundamentalism, do it. If your prose is creative and original, like Jamieson's, both will fascinate your reader. If it isn't, keep learning your trade, like me.

Did I mention Jamieson also teaches? This October his wisdom is expounded at the Muse Online Writers Conference. A change from his writing workshops.

Are you not feeling inadequate enough yet sitting in front of the telly? Let me mention he's also an accomplished artist. He works in mixed media, charcoal and pastels.

In between writing and art he finds the time to design and produces fabulous book trailer videos for his fellow authors. You will see them on YouTube. He obviously must read and notate their books to make the sense he does of the videos. Their content is informative and exciting.

So when does our Jamieson sleep? A good question. He's either found the solution to 24 hour wakefulness or he's learned the skill of being super-fast. I suspect the latter.

As one who tried (lamely) to produce my own book video I salute his undoubted talents. A rising star in both words and movies.

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