Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crying Wolf

In an earlier post I showed you the winners of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards including this great shot of a wolf in the wild leaping a gate. It won cameraman Jose Luis Rodruigez a £10,000 prize.

Now the judges of the competition have ruled that it was a fake. Jose won't get his money. They point out the animal's similarity to a tame wolf in a zoo near Madrid. Although how they can tell one from another is beyond me.

Animal photography has many tricks, usually involving food reward. A polo mint up the nostril will get a horse to 'laugh.' Fishing gut round a dog's hind leg tethered to a cricket stump gives an appearance on film that the mutt is peeing inappropriately. Jose was unlucky with his tame wolf picture. Where is the fine line between a wildlife programme shot in the wild that cuts to selected close-ups shot inside a studio 'lair?'

Better luck next year, Jose.

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