Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Grisham goes e-book? Catch 22.

Great news for John Grisham fans like me. After a year of reluctance our thriller godfather has finally been dragged to the e-altar, ready to wed his 22 titles to our e-readers.

John didn’t like the idea of “putting all those bricks-and–mortar bookstalls out of business with my downloads.” Oh, God, where have we heard all this before? What a threat us e-reader owners must be! A whole 3% of the market. We aren’t contagious, just different.

All Mr Grisham’s titles are available, says Random House in The New York Times. Hurry now! says Sony Readers Store in an email rushed to my mail box this Tuesday 16th March. Google trumpets the news on it’s pages.

Excellent! I eagerly click through to purchase for my Sony PRS700.

Err.. sorry, you don’t have an American address? No Grisham.

Knowing Sony is Waterstone’s in the UK, I click on to them. Grisham in e-books? Never heard of such a thing. Nothing showing here.

Must be on Amazon.co.uk, I think, and click through to them. They show a CD with 17 titles available in pdf format. We used to sell it but we don’t sell it now, it says. Try Amazon USA Kindle.

I move on to the US on Amazon.com. Grisham for kindle? Yes, of course. All 22.

So, a fanfare launch of mega proportions of the top dog in the genre to excite us thriller loving e-readers and - no product ready to buy on the day outside America.

Isn’t that just typical of the disjointed, convoluted, e-publishing industry? Please sort it out, guys. We all read the internet worldwide. We are all here waiting to thrust pounds and euros in your back pockets – please don’t treat us like urchins with our chins on the USA counter.

Population of America 307 million. Population of the world 6.8 billion.

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