Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How to self publish? Ask an expert.

So you want to publish a book? Your manuscript is ready/been round the agents/mouldering in a drawer (pick any one) and you've used your favourite swear word to describe how you feel about it. As in: "What the #¢$! I'll self publish it!"

It's easy, I hear you say. Everyone's doing it. That should read: (nearly) Everyone's doing it BADLY.

But help is at hand. Clare Christian, a doyen of the publishing industry, who has won awards and experienced both mainstream and self publishing at the top level, has opened her own website. Authors who need anything from a little advice to a lot of hand holding guidance are welcomed.

And the fee? An honesty box. You pay as much as you think her advice is worth to you.

An opportunity not to be missed if you are on the verge of publishing your own masterpiece.

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