Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Covering the Chile miners for only £100,000

What wonderful images came out of the Chile miners rescue. I watched in one sitting fascinated from 1 to 33. Utterly compelling news coverage.

However, the dear old BBC spent £100,000 sending 26 people to the mine shaft, set up camp two hundred yards away, along with the world's media - and proceeded to broadcast Chilean State TV coverage. The great images of the rescue capsule at the mine head and in the chamber with the 33 trapped men were all delivered by the government TV men. The presenter, Tim Wilcox, wittered on from half a mile away, forgetting his lines and standing looking at the back of a crowd of pressmen with insightful coverage such as "Maria is the mayor of the relatives encampment, if only you could see her. She really is a character, if she were here."

Meanwhile the stills boys were producing brilliant reportage photography such as this:

Hey, it's only license payer's money.

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