Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why the Paparazzi are necessary

This is why. Today's Daily Mail has an exclusive paparazzi shot of Prince William's future bride, Kate Middleton, with her mum and dad after a visit to Westminster Abbey, no doubt to see her wedding venue close up.

Why's that so clever? Because the establishment didn't want you to see it. It's not a 'photo opportunity,' stage managed to suit them, with all the right things said, polished and painted. It's an intimate moment, an insight behind the scenes, it puts us inside the story, but, without the good old paps, we would never be privileged to be there.

It's what national newspapers used to do when they had staff photographers, when a picture editor could afford to waste some staff time doorstepping possible venues. An old Daily Express staffer, Stanley Meagher, once lay in the rafters of Streatham Ice Rink for six weeks to capture the moment the young Princess Anne went ice skating for the first time. But then they had 51 photographers in London alone, they could afford it. Now they have one.

Only the paparazzi can afford the time to invest in such adventures in the hope of a big pay day. And they deserve it as long as they keep within the laws. Without the paps, such touching insights would be lost. This picture by, Bushell-Almasi-Deidda/Eroteme, will become part of the historical record. It wouldn't exist without them.

And don't be fooled by any detractors. Class act celebs know exactly how to use the paps to their advantage, and that includes the royals, the others just don't know the publicity game.

Press photography has now been privatised.

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