Tuesday, July 5, 2011

War photography The Guardian way

Adam Ferguson Afghanistan
There are some things The Guardian does supremely well. War photography is one of them, a lost art to most UK tabloids. The Guardian has put together this site of pictures with the title "The Shot That Nearly Killed Me" and it's brilliant. UK papers have lost those superb staff photographers with wartime experience who carried on Britain's great legacy of conflict coverage. From Terry Fincher in Vietnam and The Congo, Tom Stoddart in Sarajevo and Mike Moore in the Gulf War to the modern day cameramen in Afghanistan these men and women are driven people. There's no money in it and little glory. Occasionally there is tragedy, too. But they risk all to record man's inhumanity to man. It's as though they say 'somebody's got to do it and I will.'  Most are not careless with their lives but family men and women with loved ones. But they care about what is happening to the people caught up in the horrors we only hear about. I think they are great, every one of them.
Thanks to Karen Kay for pointing this feature out.

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