Monday, August 15, 2011

Bob McGowan

Ex Daily Express reporter Bob McGowan passed away in a clinic in Benidorm last Thursday. Bob was old school Fleet Street. He covered six wars including the Falklands War where he travelled down the South Atlantic aboard Canberra with the British invasion force. He went ashore with 40 Commando and the Paras and reported back to Express readers the tragedies and triumphs that befell the UK forces in successfully retaking the Islands.

Bob's accounts were not written from an MOD briefing room about the masterplans of the Generals and Admirals for the Falklands recovery. He travelled alongside the ordinary soldiers, sailors and airmen, using the language they used, their profanities and their prayers, their comedies and fears recounted from amongst them daily as the conflict unfolded, suffering censorship and frustration. He produced a book of his experiences, collaborating with ITN's Jeremy Hands, called "Don't Cry For Me, Sergeant Major" that is still one of the best eye-witness accounts of frontline warfare ever written. It's on Amazon if you can get a remaining copy.

Those who knew Bob will not be surprised that he bore his short illness with fortitude and courage. Many condolences to Pauline, Emma & Douglas.

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