Monday, November 21, 2011

Cops with gun cameras

Police marksmen could be fitted with miniature cameras on their guns to record contentious incidents. The Telegraph tells us, it's a bid to restore public confidence after recent shoot-outs including the killing of Mark Duggan in Tottenham, North London.

Scotland Yard say the policy is 'under development.' The paper goes on, 'similar technology has been used for years by combat troops and Special Forces, but this would be the first time that matchbox-sized cameras have been attached to guns.' Guns and cameras have existed side by side since 1882 when the Scovill Manufacturing Company released the Kilburn Gun Camera for $27. The stock was an extra $5. It was a 4x5 wooden plate camera mounted on a shotgun stock.

Later in 1882 came the Revolver de Poche or pocket revolver, which is, in fact, a camera.

In the '30's, in the lawless American towns, Police used Colt .38 revolvers with black & white roll film cameras attached to ID the bad guys if they got away. Pure pistol cameras have been around in many guises over the years, too.

In 1954 Mamiya released a pistol camera as did the Doryukamera company, using 16mm film and Nikkor lenses.

The Military have used camera guns since the 1914-1918 war. The Hythe Gun Camera MK111 was built like a Lewis gun and used to train pilots in gunnery in open cockpit fighters. In WW11 the Bell & Howell company developed a 16mm gun camera with a 35mm lens. The camera fired when the aircraft guns fired. All that brilliant footage of dogfights in that world war comes from them.

Not a new concept - but this time technology will make them vastly superior to the past.

Revolver de Poche
Colt .38 police revolver with camera
1954 Mamiya pistol camera

1954 Doryukamera Company
The Hythe Gun Camera Mk111 fitted in the cockpit of a WW1 fighter


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  2. Is that 1954 Doryukamera the same as the Mamiya? Like this one: