Saturday, November 12, 2011

Feed the bears at your peril

In the Bering Strait off Alaska the USA and the Russian Federation rub cold shoulders only a 100 miles apart. The town of Nome is well known on the Alaskan side. Lesser known is Anadyr, the capital on the Russian side, a freezing town with 11,000 population. Life in this very eastern part of Russia is severe with temperatures that drop to minus 40C in wintertime. Curiously -40 celsius is also -40 fahrenheit.

One way the polar bear population survives is by begging, a dangerous occupation for bear and man alike, but the locals and the bears seem to get along. Or so these pictures that appear on the English speaking Russia site seem to show. You can see more on the site.

It has an eclectic collection of quirky Russian pictures and any reader with a fascination for old Soviet Russia photographs (like me) with too much time on their hands can while some away browsing its snapshot collection.

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