Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Sharksucker

Sharksucker fish

The Natural History Museum has released this fascinating picture of  the genus Remora or Sharksucker fish which uses the unique sucking disc on its head to attach itself to large marine animals such as sharks or turtles. There has long been legends of a fish that sticks to sailing ships and has powers to slow them down. Now scientists have shown that this fish developed a modified dorsal fin just for this use.

One wonders if mammals also developed along these specialist lines. One, perhaps evolved into the Bankersucker which attaches itself to customers accounts thus drawing off sustenance to convert into yachts and bonuses.

Or the Benefitsucker that seeks out taxpayers, particularly targeting daft councillors with empty five bedroom houses?

Or the MPsucker, a particularly brazen species that spots empty flats near the Houses of Parliament and attaches them to Commons expenses forms.

David Attenborough should be alerted. There's a series here for next Christmas.

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